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Franchisee Connect with Michael G Pullman

Hi Franchisee Connect listeners!

Here are all the episodes of Franchisee Connect. I've kept them in archive just for you guys. 

Unfortunately I messed up the hosting of and lost the site and domain name (damn). 

Please enjoy and if you like it, connect with me on LinkedIn!


Jan 28, 2016

Greg Sausaman is CEO of Topper’s Creamery,a soft-serve ice cream franchise across Central Florida.  By the time Greg was 30 years old he owned eight Domino’s Pizza locations.

Greg is a multi-branding expert.  Prior to Topper’s he was Director of Franchise Operations and Director of Franchise Sales for the U.S. for...

Jan 20, 2016

Nik Rollison is a very experienced player in the food & beverage industry. Currently he is working with the Betty’s Burgers team on operations and business development. What makes a restaurant special? The essence, the values, the team and the talent. 

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Jan 12, 2016

Mariel Miller is all about matching the right person with the right franchise opportunity. She goes deep into a person and examines not just likes and dislikes but traits, value systems and beliefs to match a person to the right business. Mariel believes there is a self-employment opportunity to match every person.


Jan 6, 2016

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Jenn Shallvey is a leadership coach and mentor. She coaches people on growing and developing their leadership skills. I reached out to Jen because a conversation with a franchisee made me realise that some business owners and franchisees don't’ see themselves as leaders...